Join our workplace giving program and help support the local SA community


What is St John SA’s Common Cents Program?

  •  An employee committing the cents from each of their pay (ie everything right of the decimal place) to St John SA as a tax deductible donation
  • Your payroll team will pool these funds and then supply them to St John SA as individual donations once per year
  • A tax deductable receipt will be provided to each contributing employee at the end of the financial year



Your cents can support St John SA's work in the community 


Click here to download our Employee Common Cents brochure

Click here to download our Employer Common Cents brochure 


Contact the Common Cents Team:

Paola Mavrogiannis - A/ Fundraising Manager

1300 78 5646 


Terms and Conditions

St John Ambulance South Australia (St John) is a registered deductible gift recipient under the Australian Tax Office. Any donation made to St John above $2 may be a tax deduction.

Donations provided under the “saving lives is all about common cents” workplace giving program will be received in one transaction from the employers managing the work place giving program, with a Tax Receipt generated and provided to each donor upon receipt of their donation.

St John takes no responsibility in managing the relationship between the employers and their employees participating in the workplace giving program. Any questions with respect to the employees contributions not yet provided to St John will need to be directed to the relevant employee’s payroll department.

St John encourages Employers to inform themselves on their obligations under the ATO guidelines in facilitating work place giving programs.

The terms and conditions of the program titled “saving lives is all about common cents” may be subject to change based upon any changes to ATO guidelines regarding donations and work place giving programs.




Why are my donations kept by my employer and only provided to St John at the end of the financial year?


The Australian Tax Office prescribes that only donations above $2 may be presented as a tax deduction. Given this program only seeks very small contributions each pay, the contributions are retained by the employer and provided at the end of the financial year to enable the total donation value by each donor to exceed $2 and be eligible as a tax deduction under the Australian Tax Office rulings.

How much of my donation goes towards administration costs?


0%. St John is a unique charity, and covers its administrative costs by funding sourced from its other commercial activities. This ensures that 100cents in every dollar goes directly to charitable causes in the local SA community.

What is a ‘workplace giving program’?


The Australian Tax Office enables employers to collect small donations from its employees (after tax) and submit them to a deductible gift recipient in return for a Tax Receipt, by way of a workplace giving program. These programs are offered to employees to choose from, and then fully administered by the employer.

What is a ‘deductible gift recipient’?


A deductible gift recipient (DGR) is an organisation that is entitled to receive income tax deductible gifts and deductible contributions. The value of the deduction is demonstrated in an endorsed Tax Receipt provided by a DGR.

How can I find out more about the program and what St John as a charity does for the SA community?

Please visit our website at or call our friendly Fundraising/ Donations team on 1300 78 5646