Circle of Friends program

The program connects isolated clients with activities, groups or organisations with similar interests, creating ways to experience a further sense of meaning, purpose and enjoyment in life, and building bridges back to community involvement.

Volunteers use their own interests and life experience to empower older people and younger people living with a disability to get involved in community life, developing lasting friendships along the way.

The program provides:

  • Flexible support
  • Personalised assessment through a Program Coordinator to connect a volunteer/community participant to a client based on interests and goals
  • Social support to older people and people living with disabilities who have little other support
  • Encouragement of local people to help members of their neighbourhood to participate in community life
  • The program respects independence and dignity, and encourages personal development

The simple act of connecting a client to a group or organisation with the same interests and goals can bring so much joy.

Volunteering involves:

  • Undertaking an activity or project with a client to reach their personal goal

Making a difference

Connections are meaningful when we give acts of kindness, impart wisdom, share knowledge, listen, laugh together, achieve a goal, enjoy an activity, teach a skill, appreciate nature, encourage and inspire.

Susan picks up Margaret once a week and together they visit a local kindergarten. Connecting with children in a meaningful way provides a sense of vitality, a lot of laughs, and a way of contributing and is a wonderful way children can learn the value of older people in our communities.

It could be you

Someone in your community needs your help

You have the opportunity to use your own strengths, values, skills and life experience to enhance wellbeing. It is incredibly rewarding. The program offers different ways for you to engage with a client which you would find personally fulfilling and enjoyable, including facilitating your community group or business' involvement.

Your commitment

An hour or two a week or fortnight can make such a difference to someones life.

Get involved

Volunteer now or contact the Program Coordinator.

Circle of Friends brochure (pdf)
Circle of Friends Information Guide English version (pdf) | Italian version (pdf)