Event Organiser Info

Before your event

Once St John Event Health Services has accepted your request and been briefed on your event, you can confidently leave the mitigation of medical risk to us.

Request a quoteBased on the event briefing, St John Event Health Services will:

  • Assess the risk at your event and determine the qualifications and number of event health staff required. Factors considered include:
  • The type of event
  • The expected number of attendees
  • The demographic profile of the expected patrons
  • The layout of the venue
  • The number and location of any first aid rooms available
  • Anticipated injuries/anticipated patient presentations 
  • To ensure compliance with regulations, all major events are risk assessed using Emergency Management Australia & SA Department of Health guidelines.
  •  Determine the most efficient, effective way to provide medical services to event attendees.

    For example, in our experience presentation rates are typically slow in the first 2 hours and then ramp up. Therefore we determine that we are able to provide an adequate service but save you money by only providing, for example, 2 responders in the first 2 hours and then 4 for the remaining time. We have also found that the final few hours of certain events can be particularly resource intensive.
  • In negotiation with you we determine the number and type of vehicles, medications and equipment required. We will liaise with SA Ambulance Service and other health and emergency services.
  • Before your event you have 24/7 access to an event client manager and you will be introduced to the on-site medical commander for the day/s of your event.

  • At your event

    St John Event Health staff will arrive at your event half an hour before the start, to set up medical posts and to allow for the early arrival of patrons.


    St John Event Health staff will be dressed in the well-recognised uniform of St John Ambulance in the international green colour of medical assistance. Clinical staff and medical posts are St John Ambulance branded and can be easily seen in large crowds. These colours are highly visible and also provide peace-of-mind to event patrons who are likely to be familiar with the exceptional medical care provided by St John Ambulance.

    The St John Ambulance motto is "For the service of humanity" and we take this responsibility very seriously.

    Our event health staff are not only experienced, professional, highly-trained medical staff, they are also personable and compassionate people. Whether it’s providing directions, putting a band-aid on a blister or dealing with a medical emergency, they often go beyond the call of duty to ensure that they provide a friendly, efficient service for your patrons.

    Our event health staff are proud to represent St John Ambulance. They all receive customer service training and understand the importance of delivering a high level of customer service, to reflect positively on your event and on St John Ambulance.

    You will have a mobile phone or radio contact with the St John event health commander on the day.

    After your event

    After your event, St John Event Health Services can provide you with a comprehensive debrief of the medical services provided and a report on the number of people treated and the type of medical complaints addressed. For smaller events this may not be necessary. For longer event contracts, a weekly or monthly event summary report can be generated.

    Event Health Services also collects data on any non-medical services provided (eg event queries, directions required, requests for sun screen etc) which may aid in the future planning of your event.

    St John Ambulance Event Health Services is one of the few organisations that can adequately provide medical services to large events in South Australia. For example, we have been providing medical services to the Royal Adelaide Show every year since 1926. We hold a long term contract with venues such as the iconic Adelaide Oval providing staff, a medical centre and 6 first aid rooms to up to 55,000 patrons and staff at AFL and cricket matches.

    In the past we have looked after the health of people attending and participating in the following activities:

    • Numerous sporting events including obstacle courses and fun runs
    • Community fairs and festivals
    • Concerts, dance and music festivals
    • Exhibitions, conferences
    • Parades
    • Agricultural Shows
    • Government initiatives
    • Commemorative services
    • Motorsports and racing
    • Horse jumping/racing
    • Charity events, gala dinners and balls
    • Filming movies and TV shows
    • State emergency call outs
    • School fetes, fairs and sports carnivals


    St John Event Health Services is the first choice for medical provision at any type of event in South Australia.

    Do I need to provide medical care at my event?

    You don’t want a medical emergency to be your main event, so we highly recommend considering the provision of medical care.

    Contact our St John Event Health Services Team to discuss your event.