Community care

Every day St John Community Care volunteers are making a genuine difference to the lives of older South Australians and people with disabilities living independently but at risk of social isolation.
Their help and companionship improves independence, self-esteem, and confidence to live at home, and can facilitate a reconnection with community life for those who feel isolated from the outside world.A little regular help can make a great deal of difference
to the life of someone else

"Love going out more and going for coffee and companionships."
"I am extremely grateful that I have a new person to help me cope. I am grateful to St John for providing such a service I need to keep doing as much for myself as possible for as long as I can."
"John taking me out, I enjoy his company & appreciate his help."
"Feeling somebody cares. Belonging with people is a good feeling. Thank you so much."
"Someone to talk to, not so isolated. Having a good laugh, time goes so quickly. It’s great to talk to someone who has similar interests. Thank you for organising volunteers for me."

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