Community Care program

We’re committed to creating rich, rewarding and long-term relationships that improve quality of life. The program provides:

  • Personalised, flexible neighbourly support through one-to-one matching of a volunteer and client
  • Social support to older people and people living with disabilities who have little other support
  • Encouragement of local people to help members of their neighbourhood participate in community life

Volunteering may involve:

  • Home visiting
  • Social outings
  • Shopping assistance
  • Conversation and friendship

Making a difference

Aileen is one of St John's Community Care program volunteers, and feels the program fills a great need for help and support within the community. Aileen visits 94 year old Queenie on a weekly basis, a relationship which has been developing for five years. Queenie lives independently, however is socially isolated. She looks forward to the one day a week when Aileen visits her and they talk about anything and everything. ‘We’re the best of friends’ says Aileen.

The unique friendships that are formed and the sense of giving back to the community are just two of the personal benefits of volunteering with the Community Care program.

It could be you

Someone in your community needs a friend.

Volunteering with St John Community Care program is flexible and can fit in with your lifestyle and available time. We provide you with training, support and assistance with costs. A recruitment process applies including an induction into St John Community Care and orientation into programs. Volunteer now or contact a Program Coordinator to find out more.

Your commitment

An hour or two a week or fortnight can make such a difference to someone's life.

Get involved

Volunteer now!

Potential clients should contact a Program Coordinator. An assessment process applies including information about needs and circumstances.

Community Care brochure (pdf)
Community Care Information Guide (pdf)Italian version (pdf) | Vietnamese version (pdf)