Our people

St John members are the lifeblood of the organisation and come from all walks of life. All are highly trained and well-resourced, and care for others in the spirit of volunteering.


Our Event First Aid service is resourced entirely by volunteers who commit to an ongoing program of training and accreditation. Volunteers come from all walks of life including tradespeople, labourers, administrators, teachers, shop assistants, public servants and more.  Many are doctors, nurses and paramedics by profession, those with an interest in healthcare, or are studying towards a professional healthcare career. How we help is not limited to first aid - many volunteers enjoy one-on-one contact with people in the community at risk of social isolation through our Social Inclusion programs, or contribute in more ways within support functions such as logistics or communications, or choose to invest time in youth programs

These active citizens are embedded within communities across the state and together we make a difference like nobody else.

Support staff

Of course, when you’re giving your time to help within the community you don’t want your hands tied with administration. That’s where our team of paid support staff come in - managing the associated support functions, legalities and financial planning necessary to effectively operate our range of services.