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Social Inclusion
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Ophthalmic Services

St John is passionate about the wellbeing of South Australians and has been serving the community for over 125 years. Through the delivery of first aid, training, education, and social inclusion programs we support people’s mental and physical wellbeing. Services are delivered with care, understanding and compassion in the spirit of volunteering.

Event first aid
Patient care to event goers at community gatherings across the state.
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Strengthen resilience, save lives and reduce recovery times by putting lifesaving skills into the hands of South Australians.

Social inclusion
Improving the wellbeing of older people and people with disabilities living independently but at risk of social isolation.

Youth development
Opportunities for young people to form friendships, give time to help others, belong to a team and learn valuable life skills

State emergency response
Strengthening preparedness, response and recovery as part of the State Emergency Management Plan.


Ophthalmic services
Supporting Australian and international eye health initiatives for under-privileged communities and refugees. 

Resilience through resources
At a local level providing assistive technology and accessible lifesaving equipment, with the potential to save lives. 


First Aid in Schools
Teaching our children invaluable first aid skills in Primary Schools to Year 8 to build resilience in our homes and at play.