About Non-Emergency Patient Transport

St John Ambulance SA offers safe and reliable non-emergency patient transport services. We partner with leading hospitals to ensure the utmost safety and professionalism in patient care. Our dedicated services cater to individuals with non-acute presentations or disabilities, providing reliable transportation between hospitals, medical imaging appointments, and homes. With a restricted ambulance license and controlled medication license from SA Health, we also collaborate with SA Ambulance Service for additional support upon request.

Our services

St John Ambulance SA provides Non-Emergency Patient Transport for:

  • Outpatient Appointments: Timely and hassle-free transportation to and from medical facilities.
  • Hospital Transfers: Safe and efficient transfers between hospitals and medical facilities, ensuring seamless continuity of care.
  • Hospital-to-Home Transfers/Discharges: Comfortable and reliable transportation from hospital to home.
  • Long-Distance Transportation: Accommodating patient transport across different locations.

If you have specific non-emergency patient transport needs, please get in touch with our team at (08) 8306 6945.

Our team

Our highly trained Patient Transport team delivers exceptional care to all patients. St John's Patient Transport Ambulance Officers hold a Certificate IV in Health Care (Ambulance) and may be supported by AHPRA Registered Paramedics or Registered Nurses with critical care experience, depending on patient acuity. Our Operations Team coordinates and dispatches St John Patient Transport services throughout South Australia, providing support to on-road crews.

Our vehicles and equipment

We operate a fleet of modern ambulances, specifically designed and equipped to ensure safe and comfortable journeys for non-emergency patients. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest medical equipment and technologies, prioritising your comfort during transportation. All of our Non-Emergency Patient Transport Ambulances are fitted with Stryker PowerPro XT Stretchers to ensure greater patient comfort, safety and a reduction in manual handling.