Community care

St John SA's Community Care Program provides a range of social support activities to people who due to increasing age, frailty and/or disability, feel socially excluded, bored, frustrated and lonely.

Through innovative and caring partnerships, St John Community Care volunteers provide companionship to clients to enable them to engage in activities they enjoy and continue to flourish.

 Why St John Community Care?

 • Our personalised service matches clients one-to-one with a volunteer based on shared interests and goals

• The Program focuses on what CAN be achieved with some support and not on what the older person cannot do

• The Program supports people to continue to have control over of their lives, even in times of increasing frailty

• The activities and engagements are designed in response to the individual needs of a person, rather than an expectation that they will “fit” within existing activities

• We value and recognise the interests and experiences of the person and actively seek ways to enable them to share these with others

• We have demonstrated experience in creating matches that are long lasting and fulfilling

• With over 450 volunteers registered in the Program, we have acquired a strong community resource that includes an immense pool of knowledge, skills and interests that can be shared

• By using volunteers, we can meet the needs of a diverse range of older people by offering a great range of flexibility as to when and what type of social support is available

• As the relationships created are by choice, they are reciprocal in nature and often develop into long term companions and friendships.

 For more information on how to participate in the program, please contact us on 8306 6930 and a staff member will be happy to discuss My Aged Care and SA HACC referral options with you.


Here's what some of our clients say: 


"Love going out more and going for coffee and companionships."


"I am extremely grateful that I have a new person to help me cope. I am grateful to St John for providing such a service I need to keep doing as much for myself as possible for as long as I can."


"John taking me out, I enjoy his company & appreciate his help."


"Feeling somebody cares. Belonging with people is a good feeling. Thank you so much."


"Someone to talk to, not so isolated. Having a good laugh, time goes so quickly. It’s great to talk to someone who has similar interests. Thank you for organising volunteers for me."


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