State emergency response

St John strengthens emergency preparedness, response and recovery at both national and state level. As part of the State Emergency Management Plan, St John SA is integral to the functional service group ‘Ambulance and First Aid’.

Making a difference

In times of disaster or crisis St John mobilises trained, professional, resourced first aid responder volunteers to stand alongside emergency services. St John can provide:

  • Patient care services at incident sites
  • Overflow or surge capacity to SA Ambulance Service
  • Non-urgent patient transport

St John SA, and under our direction Surf Life, are the only external/non-government organisations to have the trained personnel, infrastructure and equipment to respond under the functional service group.


St John SA members have stood shoulder to shoulder with emergency services in the response and recovery phases of state emergency and natural disasters.  While we cannot predict the future, we will continue our work to strengthen community resilience. Prepare, respond, recover – a resilient community.

Get involved

Find out more about becoming an event first aid volunteer.