Mon, 02/03/2020 - 18:47

St John: the silent heroes supporting the CFS and MFS during bushfires

Last summer sadly saw devastating bushfires affect an enormous proportion of Australia, and even here in our own backyard in South Australia. Between Yorke Peninsula, the Adelaide Hills, Maitland, Kangaroo Island and beyond, the CFS and MFS worked day and night to fight fires to protect lives, flora and fauna, properties and more. You would have seen daily news images of the countless emergency services workers all doing their bit to keep South Australians safe.

What you might not have seen is all the St John volunteers who were busily working away behind the scenes, looking after our emergency services workers – the silent heroes providing much needed eye washes and other first aid treatment to those on the frontline.

Our volunteers did not hesitate to put their hand up to support their fellow South Aussies – even if it meant spending days and weeks away from their families to help others. These outstanding efforts also deserve recognition and we are so grateful to have such a selfless cohort of volunteers who will do whatever it takes to support the South Australian community.

On behalf of all of SA, we say thank you.