Community resilience

We’re on a mission to save lives. As Australia’s leading authority and provider of first aid training, education is pivotal to this goal and forms an important part of our mandate. In many emergency situations first aid intervention can be the difference between life and death. 

Making a difference

Each year our accredited training programs equip thousands of citizens with lifesaving skills, knowledge and resources. First aid training gives the skills to help yourself and others in an emergency, and put an end to needless deaths. Couple this with the right kits and equipment and you have an increasingly resilient South Australia.

St John is an approved first aid provider with SafeWorkSA and a member of the Australian Resuscitation Council at both state and national level. Courses range from basic resuscitation skills to advanced life support and remote survival. St John provides specialised training for people in high-risk industries such as mining and shipping, in remote areas, and with Occupational Health & Safety responsibilities.

In addition to public training programs St John is committed to the ongoing advanced first aid training for the network of St John First Aid Responder volunteers.


Last year alone St John delivered 53,789 training certificates to members of the public across the state (source 2016/17 annual report).


Segment aired on Channel 10 news starring long-standing volunteers Harry Tornaros and Rob Elliott, former CEO Sharyn Mitten, former Training Quality Manager Susan Rosenzweig.