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Q. How can learners provide their Employer with permission to obtain a copy of first aid certificate?

A. Online by logging into the My St John section of the website and updating their details. Alternatively, learners can provide written permission by emailing (must include FULL NAME, DOB, POST CODE and EMPLOYER NAME); or Employers can have their Employees signed this Permission Form.



Q. What should I wear to a training course?

A. Comfortable, casual clothing is recommended as you will need to undertake activities such as bending, kneeling and lying on the floor.



Q. What should I bring to training?

A. Note pad, pen, bottle of water and lunch/snacks.



Q. How old do I have to be to learn first aid?

A. You must be 14 years old or over to learn CPR, or have your parent/guardian's written permission



Q. How early do I need to arrive before a course?

A. 15 minutes prior to course commencement is ideal



Q. Where do I park?

A. Each venue has different parking options - check your confirmation email for details



Q. Is there somewhere I can buy lunch

A. Each venue has different options - check your confirmation email for details



Q. If I have any concerns about the privacy of my personal information, who do I speak to?

A. You can call our Privacy Officer on (08) 8306 6999



Q. Will I get a refund if I cancel my course?

A. You will receive a full refund if you give at least 5 working days notice that you cannot attend, or we cancel your course. No refund will be given if notice is less than 5 working days.



Q. I’ve lost my certificate can I get a new one?

Yes, online certificates are available to print yourself. Where a participant requests a paper certificate a $30 fee may be applicable.



Q. I am a qualified first aider from overseas. Are my qualifications valid in Australia?

Some qualifications are recognised as being equivalent to our code of practice. You can complete a course in one day with St John.



Q. What is a unit of competency?

A unit of competency is one component of a qualification within a Training Package. Units of Competency can be combined within a training course or can be delivered by themselves.



Q. My First aid certificate ran out last week. Do I have to do the full course again?

St John follows the Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines and recommends that refresher courses are completed within standard timeframes. St John urges all first aid practitioners to comply with their local workplace or industry specific requirements regarding first aid qualifications. Once they have passed recertification timeframe, they may not be recognised as being valid and therefore you may have to complete the full course rather than a refresher.



Q. How do I make a group booking?

St John runs a range of training courses for groups. Contact us on 1300 360 455 for more information on course details and pricing. We can even tailor the course to your workplace needs.



Q. I may not have two days to complete a course, can I do any of the training on-line?

Yes, our most popular course, Provide First Aid is available in a convenient blended e-learning format. All theory is delivered online; once this component is completed, simply book in into Provide First Aid 1 Day for practical assessment at your closest St John training location.



Q. When do I need to advise if I cannot make the course date?

St John require at least 5 working days prior to the commencement of the course for a full refund of course fees. Requests to cancel less than 5 working days prior to course commencement will not be entitled to a refund.

One transfer of your booking at no charge is available (providing you give us at least 24 hours notice) and all subsequent transfers will incur a $50 administration charge.

No refund will be given after you have transferred.

If you are unable to attend the course for any reason or will arrive at a course late, you must call and notify St John Training prior to scheduled course start time. If you fail to notify St John of your non-attendance you will forfeit your course payment.

If you are unable to attend the course and notify St John before course start time, you may choose to place your booking in standby if no suitable dates are available. You are required to reschedule before the start date of the original course otherwise your payment will be forfeited. Once in standby no refunds are available.



Q. Why do I need to do CPR on the floor?

Due to changes to the Nationally Accredited unit of competency CPR assessment must now be conducted as "2 minutes of uninterrupted single-rescuer adult CPR on the floor".



Q. What if I have learning difficulties?

If you have any special needs (including those related to language, literacy or numeracy) a relevant disability or other concern, you should inform St John staff when you book so that appropriate assistance can be negotiated. If a support person is required St John advise all associated costs are your responsibility.