First Aid Compliance in the Workplace

First aid compliance is a complex area, but St John makes it easy for you to get compliant.

Many businesses are not aware that they are not compliant with SafeWork Australia's First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice. 

Don't put yourself or your employees at risk! Contact St John SA to book a FREE workplace first aid assessment today. 


In a workplace emergency doing nothing or doing the wrong thing could be the worst possible thing for your business. By law, every South Australian business must be First Aid Compliant. St John makes finding out if your workplace is compliant easy with this quick, FREE Online Workplace Compliance Checklist.

We offer first aid risk assessments across a broad range of industries and businesses which factor in the unique needs of individual workplaces and can assist those who have a duty of care to implement procedures to become legally compliant with the code. 

Our aim is to highlight the importance of reducing injuries and saving lives in South Australian workplaces. As South Australia's leading first aid provider, we help businesses get compliant. Call us on 1300 78 5646 to discuss your needs - we are here to help!

The Code of Practice 

In 2012, Safework Australia launched a new harmonised First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice, which has since been updated and rolled out across Australia. This Code is an approved Code of Practice under section 274 of the Work Health and Safety Act (the WHS Act) approved by Safework Australia and the Ministerial Council.  

As part of the Code, South Australian workplaces are expected to undertake a risk assessment in order to identify the first aid equipment, procedures and First Aiders they should have in place. The new Code provides guidance on first aid requirements appropriate for different workplace risks and hazards.


The First Aid Workplace Code of Practice highlights three core areas that must be addressed in all workplace settings:
  • The presence of accredited first aiders on staff who also undertake annual refresher courses in CPR and renew qualifications every three years. In low risk workplaces, one first aider is recommended for every 50 workers. For high-risk workplaces, it is one to every 25 staff.
  • Workplace resources and equipment, including fully stocked first aid kits and clear first aid signage. First aid rooms could also be necessary in high-risk workplace and for those far from emergency services.
  • Procedures and drills training covering first aid protocols for all workers and what to do in an emergency.

For more details information on the First Aid Code of Practice approved in South Australia visit SafeWork SA. 


Get Compliant with St John

St John’s research reveals majority of South Australian workplaces are not compliant with the First Aid Code of Practice. For more information read the full report - First Aid Readiness in the Australian Workplace Report (PDF).

Work health and safety (WHS) is a key management responsibility for every South Australian business. Workplace legislation requires all South Australian businesses to ensure that sufficient first aid measures are in place, such as having your staff trained in first aid, a fully stocked first aid kit and defibrillator. 


To assist with compliance, our experienced first aid consultants can facilitate a first aid risk assessment to determine the risk level of your workplace in order to ascertain the first aid requirements needed to meet the First Aid Code of Practice.


As the state’s leading expert in the field of first aid, St John Ambulance SA’s goal is to assist you as a duty holder to understand your first aid obligations and to facilitate the development of a legally compliant first aid workplace and culture within an organisation.


St John Ambulance provides free first aid workplace assessments to help organisations meet their legal first aid obligations. Our tailored workplace training courses can be completed at your premises or from any of our conveniently located training centres throughout South Australia. To book a training course or comprehensive risk assessment, call our team on 1300 78 5646.


By completing our FREE Online First Aid Risk Assessment Checklist, you can determine whether your business is compliant and help us scope out the unique needs of your business. Please call 1300 ST JOHN (78 5646).